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Tiny Homes

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Studio Series 3600

Studio Series 3600 Designer Eco Tiny Homes

The Studio Series 3600 is a versatile space used for a variety of purposes. Home office, study, library, art or hobbies room, extra bedroom, guest room, storage space, games room, wine room, sewing room just to name a few.


Independent Series 4800

Independent Series 4800DL Tiny Home

Our Independent Series offers the space for a kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining, and ample storage and sleeping area. Perfect for the growing family, parents or friends when they come to visit.

Ideal for the holidays when the numbers are just too great in the main house!

Graduate Series 6000

Graduate Series 6000DL Tiny Home

This tiny home series is perfect for those who need that little extra space for dependents, relatives, or guests. It is suitable for single or couples to live permanently. Standard loft models offer a queen sized bed loft with additional single loft, storage stairs, ensuite bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining, office/study desk, and storage stairs. Open plan living for a comfortable and stylish tiny home. This 6m long tiny home can be custom designed to suit your needs. Click on the link below to see our Graduate models.

Lifestyle Series 7200

Lifestyle Series 7200GB Exterior
The Lifestyle series is perfect for permanent tiny home living. These 7.2m long models are popular for their versatility. The Lifestyle serires offers everything you need in a tiny home, including a kitchen, lounge, dining, bathroom, storage, laundry two queen sized sleeping/storage/study loft areas and the GB model offers an additional ground floor bedroom with door. Click on the link below to see our Lifestyle models.

Custom Design

Lifestyle Series 7200DL with Custom Designed Interior

Design your dream Tiny Home with our custom design template and options. Send it to us for a free quote!

Off Grid Upgrade

Off Grid Upgrades for Designer Eco Tiny Homes

If you would like to (or have to) be disconnected from electrical utilities, town water and/or town sewerage, check out our off grid packages.

Our Range of Tiny House Prices

Studio Series 3600 Tiny House – Price starting from $23,500

Studio Series 3600SL Tiny House – Price starting from $54,200

Independent Series 4800DL Tiny Home – Price starting from $59,225

Graduate Series 6000NL Tiny House – Price starting from $64,700

Graduate Series 6000DL Tiny House – Price starting from $71,480

Graduate Series 6000DL Tiny House with Porch – Price starting from $74,600

Graduate Series 6000DLS Tiny House – Price starting from $74,280

Lifestyle Series 7200SL Tiny House – Price starting from $79,980

Lifestyle Series 7200DL Tiny Home – Price starting from $83,800

Lifestyle Series 7200GB Tiny Home – Price starting from $88,250

Lifestyle Series 7200SLC Tiny Home – Price starting from $95,900

If you have any questions or enquiries, please call 1300 334 153

Tiny Home Ideas?

Our tiny homes can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They are extremely versatile in their use and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. All of which we can custom design to suit your specific needs. Of course they are an excellent option for sustainable, low impact permanent living. They can also be used for an extra room for a growing family, housing for parents or university students, home office or studio, hobbies room, games or pool room, holiday accommodation, study room for high school student, nanny or au pair quarters, or even a temporary accommodation during construction of a new house (once main house is complete you have a guest house for extra space or it can be relocated). Tiny homes can also be used as rental accommodation.

The owner of Designer Eco Tiny Homes, Grant Emans, has been building homes in NSW for over 15 years. Through his experience Grant have become more aware of the effects the building industry has on the environment. There is a need to change and adapt current building materials and techniques in order to achieve a more sustainable outcome for the world in which we live.

It’s for this reason Designer Eco Tiny Homes exists. Developing sustainable housing solutions is key for the future. We all must embrace the need for change, and it starts with the simple homes. We all have one is some form or another, so it means we can all make a difference. Design is the key to all sustainable dwellings, whether it’s a large family home in the suburbs, or a Tiny House tucked away in a secluded location. Whether it is good for the environment, both built and natural, depends on the design. All our designs incorporate the latest energy efficient and sustainable design and building techniques to better meet the needs of home owners today and hopefully well into the future. Designer Eco Tiny Homes offers a quality, environmentally conscious alternative for your housing project.

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