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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the tiny home on a trailer? Can it come off?

A: Yes, it is fixed to the trailer. Our tiny home is a registered caravan.


Q: Do I need council approval to have a tiny home?

A: In most cases, as a registered caravan, this means no DA approval is required to put it in your backyard/on your property. In summary, NSW legislation may permit you to have 2 caravans if you plan for someone to live in them for short-term 48-hour rental period no more than 60 days per year, i.e. AirBnB.
OR you can have 1 caravan if you plan to have someone “as a member of your household” live in it on a long-term basis. They do not need to be a blood-relative. OR you plan to use on pastoral or agricultural land, so long as it is merely occupied seasonally by persons employed in pastoral or agricultural operations on the land.


Q: Why do I need a tiny home?

A: You would benefit from owing a tiny home if you need:

(1) Additional housing. If a dwelling already exists, in almost all cases you don’t need a DA to have a caravan. A tiny could be used for an extra room for a growing family, housing for relatives or university students, home office or studio, hobbies room, games or pool room, short-term holiday accommodation, study room for a high schooler, nanny or au pair quarters. This includes residential and farm blocks.

(2) Temporary accommodation during construction of a new house  (and once the main house is complete you have a guesthouse for extra space or it can be relocated to another site).

(3) To live more sustainability and have less of an impact on the environment.

(4) Accommodation on a rural block that has no building entitlement but allows for a caravan.

(5) Holiday accommodation at a caravan park, similar to that of a cabin. It is essentially a caravan with an optional annexe.

(6) Temporary accommodation on an agricultural site.

(7) Need to be mortgage free. Oh, the possibilities!


Q: Can I travel around in my tiny home?

A: We recommend that you consider our Independent series if you would like to move your tiny home frequently. This is mainly due to the weight of the tiny. The trailer frame is hardy and has the durability to be moved. The larger models would not be ideal to travel around Australia, as would a traditional caravan. It is built to be mobile, but it is heavy and bulky and would be a high fuel cost to travel regularly. You will need a vehicle that can legally tow the weight on the road. A tiny is an excellent semi-permanent option for those in need of additional living space.


Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We deliver Australia-wide and will organise a tow company for delivery from our workshop to your front drive. Delivery is an additional cost.


Q: How much does the tiny home weigh?

A: Weights vary depending on the model. The range is from 3.5 tonnes to 4.5 tonnes.


Q: How long does it take to build?

A: The build takes 3 months. Delivery installation could be as little as 45min.


Q: Where do you build the tiny home?

A: The tiny home is built in our workshop. Therefore, there is no construction noise or mess on your site. If you order the Granny Flat series, we will construct the trailer and annexe in our workshop, and then deliver the two parts. We will then connect them together and build the optional deck on your site.


Q: Which model is best for me?

A: Please free to call or email us to discuss which model would best suit your needs. You will find our models under the “Tiny homes +” tab.


Q: I want to make some changes to your designs. Can I customise my tiny home?

A: Yes! We are a custom build company, so we can build to suit whatever layout you want and/or your budget. Please complete our custom design template and email it to us for a free quote. You can change most of the internal and external features.


Q: How much does a quote cost?

A: Quotes are free. Additionally, we can provide a 3D model at no charge allowing you to “walk thru” your design.


Q: I don’t want my tiny home right now, but I want to lock in a date for delivery. How can I do this?

A: You can pay a 20% non-refundable deposit and secure a placeholder position, which allows you to have your tiny home delivered as soon as you are ready.


Q: Is there are payment plan?

A: We can offer a payment plan of 5 payments to be paid at the following stages: 20% deposit, 20% at trailer stage, 20% at timber frame stage, 20% at lock-up stage and the final 20% upon completion.

See our finance option here


Q: Is the tiny home insulated?

A: Yes, it has double insulation in the walls and roof minimising energy needed for heating and cooling. In addition, all windows are double-glazed. Insulation in the floor can be added for very cold climates.


Q: Can the tiny home be off-grid?

A: Yes it can. We can install a complete solar system, selected to meet your needs. We offer a wood-fire combustion heater for heating and incorporate a passive solar design for cooling. We offer a gas stove/oven for cooking. Additionally, a composting toilet can be installed or other options can be discussed. Rainwater can be collected into tanks.


Q: How do I connect the sewage?

A: There are a few options at an additional cost: (1) Connect to existing line by engaging a local plumber. Council approval is not needed in most cases.  (2) Install an underground tank with pump out or biocycle system. (3) Install a trench system. (4) Canister/cartridge system. (5) Composting toilet.


Q: How do I connect to power?

A: Our standard tiny home runs on a solar/mains hybrid electrical system. It runs off solar with battery storage for the lights and a 15amp mains power for the appliances (such as a full size fridge, TV etc). The tiny home plugs in by an electrical lead like a traditional caravan. You can have more or less solar if desired.


Q: How do I get water?

A: Our standard tiny home connects with a garden hose like a traditional caravan. Rainwater collection into tanks is another option.


Q: Why is there a gas bottle on the front of the tiny home?

A: Propane gas is used to run the stove, oven, and hot water system.


Q: What are the maximum dimensions I can have?

A: The maximum height is 4.3m, however the roofline can be changed to allow for more space on one side. The maximum trailer length is 7.2m; additionally a deck can be added. The maximum width is 2.5m; additionally an annexe can be incorporated to give a width of 5m.


Q: Once delivered and placed, can I take the wheels off?

A: Yes. The tiny is fixed to the trailer. It cannot be taken off, so it is always considered a caravan, even if the wheels are off. The tiny home does not need to remain registered and can become unregistered. To move it in the future, you can apply for a 3-day temporary permit.


Q: I would like to see a tiny home in person. Do you have one on display?

A: We are happy to arrange for a personal meeting at our workshop. We generally have one on display and in the workshop.

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