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Solar PV Systems – Sustainable Future

Recently Designer Eco Homes has installed a 1.5KW Photovoltaic Solar Power System on the office roof. It was done in order to offset the power we use for running the business. Since it was installed we have been able to not only offset the power we use, but also put back into the grid. We only receive a credit of 6 cents for the power we produce, but we didn’t install the system to make money from it. We save money by using it, and also reduce the amount of energy that needs to be created by the electricity company. It’s just a small contribution, but if we all do it then we can make a significant our impact on the environment.

So what size should you install? The best way to determine what size you need is by doing some research. The solar system will produce the most amount of energy between 10am and 2pm on your average day. So start a log. Write down how much energy you use during those times. If you work all day, just note down what the reading is before and after work. A 1.5KW system should make about 5-6KW on average every day. So depending on what your readings come back at after a week of research will tell you what size system you need. If you simply take the energy company quarterly bill and work it out from that, you could find yourself buying a bigger system than you really need.
Solar PV system is only good at offsetting the power you use between 10am-2pm or when the sun is shining.
The energy company is charging you approx. 25 cents to use their power between 7am -11pm. So best to run your washing machine, dishwasher, and any other high powered devices you need during 10am-2pm so you use the solar power rather than the grid power. Any excess solar power you produce will result in a credit of 6 cents, or a 25% of what it costs you to buy off them.
If you are away all day and no one is at home to be able to do that, you can either program modern machines to start at given times, or solar power is not necessary for you. Solar PV systems are only good if you use the power between 10am -2pm. So if you have a home office, your partner is at home, or a shift worker.
By installing solar power, in order for it to be successful you also have to change your routine. Most people run the dish washer after dinner, but this has to change to the day time or it simply won’t be cost effective. You are better off looking for alternative ways to reduce your power consumption and offset your energy use in other ways.

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