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Origin home charge point

In the future I believe every home in Sydney will have an electric car charging point in the garage as a standard fixture. Today, it is barely seen but as technology and our need to reduce emissions increases, these will become an everyday part of building a new home.


In our time of building over the last 14 years I have only installed one of them. The owner also installed a 4kw solar system to assist charging the car. The solar system will only help to charge during the day, but every little bit counts to reducing the overall impact we have on the environment.

Some of the overall features of the unit include:

Origin Home ChargePoint

DescriptionLevel 2 unit designed for residential applications
Output charging power7kW (230V / 30A)
Safety featuresGround fault detection
Plug out detection
Surge protection
Output charging connectorSAE J1772™ connector on 5.48m cable
DisplayProvides details on current charge session
InstallationBest performed during electrical rough in stage of construction
Warranty12 month manufacturer’s warranty on equipment
12 month warranty on installation


So far the choice of electric vehicles is limited, but as time goes on that will change. Nissan has the “Leaf”, Telsa has a number of sporty looking models from the USA, and Mitsubishi Motors has the i-MiEV. Holden also has the “Volt” which is a combined electric and fuel option.

As part of our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment and promote more sustainable buildings, Designer Eco Homes is offering as part of their building packages, the supply and installation of the Origin Home Charge Point for any new building in Sydney for clients who have an electric car.

If you need any more information on it please visit https://www.originenergy.com.au/3886/Origin-Home-ChargePoint


Case Study:

Assume you live in Lugarno in the south of Sydney and have to commute to Ryde for you work. Using a Nissan Leaf you will have to charge your car after 3 days. Most people will do it at night while you sleep, so essentially you never have to go to a petrol station again or use a remote charging station. In order to charge the car at full capacity it is estimated that it will take 22Kw of power. So depending on your home energy provider will depend on what it will cost. Assuming a rate of $0.27 per Kw this will cost you under $6 to “fill up”. When you compare that to a standard petrol car which gets 10km/litre (Toyota Corolla) based on the current fuel rate of $1.50 per litre, the same three days of running your car will cost around $24. So that’s a difference of approx. $18. If you think of it over the course of a full year (48 working weeks) that cost difference is around $1,440. One car produces zero emissions; the other car will produce about 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions! So it’s not just the money to think about, it’s your impact on the environment.

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