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Off Grid Upgrade

We offer the following options so you can be “Off-Grid” in your tiny home.

  • We recommend a composting toilet option that is installed during construction.

  • We offer a custom gutter system to feed rainwater into freestanding tanks. Otherwise town water is acquired via hose you simply connect to the tiny.

  • We build all our tiny homes to be extremely energy efficient requiring minimal heating and cooling. We use insulation in the walls and ceiling in addition to double-glazed windows.

  • Our standard tiny home runs on a solar/mains hybrid electrical system. It runs off solar with battery storage for the lights and a 15amp mains power system for the appliances (such as a full size fridge, TV etc). The tiny home plugs in by an electrical lead like a traditional caravan. You can have more or less solar if desired.

If you would like to (or have to) be disconnected from electrical utilities check out our off-grid packages below. These are based on your appliance and lighting energy requirements.

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