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ECO homes

If you are looking for a designer to draw your new home, this is the page for you. If you are looking for Tiny Homes, please follow this link Designer Eco Tiny Homes

Why ECO homes?

The owner of Designer Eco Homes, Grant Emans, has been building homes in NSW for over 15 years. Through his experience Grant have become more aware of the effects the building industry has on the environment. There is a need to change and adapt current building materials and techniques in order to achieve a more sustainable outcome for the world in which we live.

It’s for this reason Designer Eco Homes exists. Developing sustainable housing solutions is key for the future. We all must embrace the need for change, and it starts with the simple homes. We all have one is some form or another, so it means we can all make a difference. Design is the key to all sustainable dwellings, whether it’s a large family home in the suburbs, or a Tiny House tucked away in a secluded location. Whether it is good for the environment, both built and natural, depends on the design. All our designs incorporate the latest energy efficient and sustainable design and building techniques to better meet the needs of home owners today and hopefully well into the future. Designer Eco Homes offers a quality, environmentally conscious alternative for your housing project.

What makes our homes ECO friendly?

Designer Eco Homes are designed to incorporate the following 5 key elements; ORIENTATION, INSULATION, THERMAL MASS, VENTILATION, and FLOORING. Each home is customized to your individual block enabling DEH to optimize these key elements.

Are ECO homes energy efficient?

Absolutely! All our eco homes are energy efficient! Your electrical, gas and water bills will be greatly reduced saving you money every year.

Top 3 reasons why you should have a Designer Eco Home

  • Interactive 3D model comes with all our designs complimentary to the regular 2D floor plans and elevations
  • Deal directly with the owner who has over 15 years experience designing and building homes in NSW
  • Your electrical, gas and water bills will be greatly reduced saving you money every year.


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“Right from the beginning we saw evidence of the reality of the Company culture of honesty and integrity and felt safe doing business with Grant and his team. This did not change over the building process and we are very happy with the finished product as well as the prompt, friendly communication and support from the whole team.” Read more