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Origin home charge point

In the future I believe every home in Sydney will have an electric car charging point in the garage as a standard fixture. Today, it is barely seen but as technology and our need to reduce emissions increases, these will become an everyday part of building a […]

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Solar PV Systems – Sustainable Future

Recently Designer Eco Homes has installed a 1.5KW Photovoltaic Solar Power System on the office roof. It was done in order to offset the power we use for running the business. Since it was installed we have been able to not only offset the power we use, […]

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Passive Solar Design Principles

How do I… design using passive solar design principles? With increasing concern for the environment and rising energy bills, a lot of people want to incorporate passive design principles into new homes, or green-ovate by retrofitting passive design features into existing properties. Passive design is all about […]

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Check out the new alternative to waffle pod construction. Cupolex is made from 100% recycled plastic along with many other benefits. Check out there website at Reozone.

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Free Tickets to The Block Live

We have 50 free tickets in total to The Block Live. If you would like a free ticket to The Block Live show coming up on 22nd-24th June 2012 send me an email at grant@composition.com.au and i’ll send one out. Don’t call or blog, just email!

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All HIA free tickets are gone!

all the tickets are gone for 2012! Had to be fast this year as they were all gone by Monday 21st may.

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10 Free Tickets available for HIA Sydney Home Show 2012

If you are thinking of going to the HIA Sydney Home Show at Darling Harbour on 31st May – 3rd June 2012 and want a free ticket, email me at grant@composition.com.au

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Vertical Gardens

The vertical garden, also known as the wall garden, is making a comeback! An ancient principle is being reinvented and used in both residential and commercial buildings. For the full article and some interesting pictures visit this vertical garden link from SMH.

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Eco House – Singapore

Habitusliving.com.au feature an interesting article about Singapores first Green Mark Platinum house. If you’ve ever been to Singapore you’ll know that it gets really hot and air conditioning becomes your best friend. This design really helps reduce the need for excessive energy use to power these systems […]

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Sustainable Building Materials

Trade Secrets have posted a number of good youtube videos on sustainbility in the building industry. Check out this link to watch – Trade Secrets

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