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Beat the Traffic – Zero Emissions!

Here at Designer Eco Homes we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. But we are also looking for ways to increase the quality of life and personal health.
Traffic in Sydney is getting worse and worse. In the mornings, we are able to start early and generally traffic is manageable. But the afternoon is a different story all together. A trip that may take 40min in the morning can easily be blown out to 1 hour 30min in the afternoon, and if there is a breakdown or accident blocking traffic that can push it over the 2 hour mark!
In an attempt to combat this problem we have purchased an electric bicycle – Zoco Xtreme 500W Electric Bike.
The bike is stored in the back of the work car with all the other trade tools. When driving home in the afternoon and we encounter traffic, we simply pull over into the nearest side street, lock up the car and head to the nearest train station on the electric bike. We utilise the train network to cover the bulk of the distance and then just ride home from there. Our final home destination is Lugarno, so on the train we either end up at Mortdale or Riverwood. Both have uphill rides and as you can imagine at the end of a hard day’s work on the building site, the last thing you want to be doing is working hard to get home. The 500W electric motor has plenty of power to be able to get up all the hills at 40km per hour. There is a 250W version if you live in a flatter area. In the morning we simply reverse the process and ride to the location of the car and continue on the day from there.

We have mounted a child seat to the back to store the lunch bag and any other important items we don’t want left in the car overnight, and it proves a fun activity on the weekend to take the kids to the park, or café etc etc.
The bike produces zero emissions. So it is also a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not everyone can use this type of transport, but if more people thought outside the square, they may find opportunities to reduce their impact. We all need to look at ways were individually we can do our part.
So if you’re in the Lugarno area, look out for us riding the electric bike in the afternoons and on the weekend! Ideally we are looking for home owners to build environmentally sustainable homes within the Lugarno area. This will be the ultimate reduction in carbon as we only have to travel short distances to the site. We are currently developing a small trailer to accommodate the tools so for jobs within a short distance of Lugarno we can use the electric bike 100% of the time.

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