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Top Reasons to go “tiny” with us;

  • Over 15 years experience in home building and design
  • Australian made
  • No council DA required *
  • Custom designs at no additional charge
  • Deliver Australia wide

Tiny Home Ideas?

Our tiny homes can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They are extremely versatile in their use and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. All of which we can custom design to suit your specific need. Some ideas include; extra room for a growing family, housing for parents or university students, home office or studio, hobbies room, games or pool room, holiday accommodation, study room for high schooler, nanny or au pair quarters, or even a temporary accommodation during construction of a new house (once main house is complete you have a guest house for extra space or it can be relocated to another site)

Studio Series 3600


The Studio Series 3600 is a versatile space used for a variety of purposes. Home office, study, library, art or hobbies room, extra bedroom, guest room, storage space, games room, wine room, sewing room just to name a few.

Independent Series 4800

Tiny F-51

Our Independent Series offers the space for a kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining, and ample storage and sleeping area. Perfect for the growing family, parents or friends when they come to visit.
Ideal for the holidays when the numbers are just too great in the main house!

Graduate Series 6000


This tiny home offers queen sized bed loft with wardrobe, storage stairs, ensuite bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining, office/study desk, and ample storage. Highlight windows enable natural lighting to flood the open plan lounge/dining area giving a very spacious feel to the home..

Granny Flat Series 9600


The Granny Flat Series 9600 is our largest tiny home package. It offers everything you would expect from a regular granny flat, with the added bonus of two loft sleeping or storage areas. It has generous sized kitchen, laundry, lounge, dining, ground floor bedroom, bathroom, storage, and the two sleeping or storage loft areas.

Lifestyle Series 7200SL


This tiny home offers queen sized bed loft with wardrobe, storage stairs, ensuite bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining, office/study desk, and ample storage. Highlight windows enable natural lighting to flood the open plan lounge/dining area giving a very spacious feel to the home.

Lifestyle Series 7200DL/GB


The Lifestyle DL offers everything you need in a tiny home. It includes a kitchen, lounge, dining, bathroom, storage, and two queen sized sleeping or storage loft areas. The GB offers an additional ground floor bedroom with door.

Lifestyle Series 7200 SLC


NEW DESIGN! This adorable Hampton inspired tiny home with dormer roof offers a queen sized bed loft, storage stairs, ensuite bathroom, kitchen, and highlight windows enable natural lighting to flood the open plan lounge/dining area giving a very spacious feel to the home. Model features and more pictures will be on our website soon. Please contact us directly for more details.

Custom Design

Lifestyle Series 7200DL Interior View

Design your dream Tiny Home with our custom design template and options. Send it to us for a free quote!

Off Grid Upgrade


If you would like to (or have to) be disconnected from electrical utilities, town water and/or town sewerage, check out our off grid packages.

Why a Tiny Home?

A tiny home is custom built to meet your individual requirements. They are built off site and delivered so there is minimal disturbance to your existing dwelling. They are exempt from local council approvals so saves you time and money.
Tiny Homes

What is a Tiny Home?

A Tiny Home is a new way to build in a sustainable way. Conventional homes are fixed to the ground, but a tiny home is built on top of a steel chassis with axles, wheels, braking system and tow hitch. It is classed as a registered trailer/caravan. Unlike conventional caravans, a Tiny Home is designed to look like a small house. In order to be classed as a tiny home it must be built no larger than 2.5m wide x 4.3m high x 12.5m long. Once the tiny home is placed on a site in the location you desire, the government allows for an additional structure to be added to the side of the tiny home equal to its size whereby making the total maximum size of a tiny home as 5m wide x 4.3m high x 12.5m long. Given the allowable height, additional floor area can be utilized in the design by incorporating loft areas.

The use of the Tiny Homes is governed by the Local Government Regulation 2005 (LGR 2005). Within the LGR 2005 it allows for the use of a Tiny Home without the need for council approval. This means a Tiny Home can be installed in a much quicker time frame and without the high cost of the Local Government fees and charges compared with conventional construction approaches.

There are unlimited design possibilities within the size requirements available. Each tiny home can be custom designed to suit whatever purpose you have set for it. The main structure is built on either a tandem or triaxle trailer depending on size and weight. If required, an additional structure to the side can be added. This can be built on site or an additional transportable structure utilized to create the space. A local certified structural engineer is required to verify the construction and confirm the appropriate anchoring points are installed (included with all Designer Eco Tiny Home structures)

The tiny home is made using traditional home building materials and techniques. However, the design is up to you. It can contain a lounge room, kitchen, ground floor bedroom, loft bedroom –single and double, shower and toilet. It can also be designed as a studio or office, granny flat or student accommodation. The list of uses is almost endless. It’s really up to your imagination.

The two main questions we are asked about the construction are about power and toilet. The power to the tiny home can come from multiple sources. For all our tiny homes we utilize and hybrid solar/mains system. We have solar panels on the roof with battery storage. This mainly runs the lights and USB outlets. We also have a single 15AMP power supply from the main residence on the land. This powers the other 240V appliances like the fridge, microwave etc. The mains power also acts as a booster for the battery storage in times of overcast weather or shading in winter months. But we can also create for you a fully off grid solution if you require. The other main question is the toilet. Again, there are many options, but we use a standard dual flush toilet for all our tiny homes. Once the tiny home is placed on the site, the local government will require a licenced plumber to connect the toilet from the ready-made connection point under the tiny home to the existing sewerage system. If the existing system is not available due to site conditions there are a number of other alternatives to be able to dispose of the waste appropriately. Some of these include underground tank and pump system (pumps waste up hill to connect to existing system), septic system with absorption trenches (rural areas only), storage and pump out, cassette removal or even a composting toilet system. No matter the site, there are many options to consider in order to install an appropriate toilet system.

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